Our approaches

1. Employer brand approach by ASTRA

From the concept of HR Marketing to the notion of employer identitythe employer brand covers a variety of issues. Attracting the best talent, retaining them, engaging employees by using motivational levers, and cultivating its identity requires brand consistency starting with an initial phase of defining its identity. You don't imagine your identity, you build it !

An employer identity is built and managed to become a competitive advantage for external audiences and a real HR and managerial lever that generates trust and commitment for employees. This is why if it is based on the company's brand, it is built independently,using a methodology that we structure in 5 key stepsconsider the strategic and operational challenges of the company in order to identify the types of key resources to be attracted, retained and developed in the company. Analyze the expectations and motivations of these targets by leading focus groups. Identify how your brand can meet these expectations by working on your areas of differentiation. Build and organize multi-channel actions around your differentiating axes (changing priorities in your HR strategy, redesigning processes, redesigning your career site, developing your presence on social networks, etc.). To animate the brand in a structured way in the long term around a discourse of proof (Community management).

2. Ecology management by ASTRA

The producer of waste is responsible for its management until final disposal or recovery. It is up to them to give priority to prevention, re-use or ecodesign of their products. Priority is then given to preparation for re-use and recycling.

The ASTRA teams have carried out an in-company action to raise awareness of sorting actions. This is mainly an educational action that is illustrated by the implementation of pictograms on the different waste streams: paper, cardboard, wood, PET, Plastics, OIW, Solvents, etc. The objective is to optimize sorting by explaining and understanding the issues at stake.
In addition, Astra wishes to actively participate in these new challenges by strategically investing in more modern equipment: compactors, tipping trailers, solvent tanks, retention tanks.